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These are challenging times for U.S. Office / Contract Furniture Manufacturers, and now even more challenging times are forecasted. As far as into late 2010, to be one of the big office furniture manufacturers or any size office furniture dealer, recovery looks bleak since the industry historically lags an economic rebound by about six months.

The good news is that companies such as Champion Seating Co. that have streamlined production capabilities are quicker to respond and make product enhancements. Throughout 2010 Champion Seating saw an increase in sales and tooled and re-tooled product and has exciting products immediately available. Quality mesh back seating is just one of them.

Now, as we head into 2011, recovering from the difficult economic climate over the past 3 years, it amplifies these and other challenges. In many market sectors, more manufacturers are competing for smaller office furnishings budgets and spending by end-user customers, especially small and medium size businesses. We have seen Steelcase (the industry leader) sales drop by 50% and continued quarterly operating losses, which have a similar effect on their suppliers and ours as well.

Even in recent growth times, some manufacturers have struggled with issues such as investment in new products, distribution strategy, new market segment entry, and ever increase price competitiveness which has caused quality problems as well as the inability to maintain quality personnel in field sales. Over the last several years we have seen many manufacturers and their OEM suppliers go out of business, and office furniture dealers have also closed their doors.

The days of extravagant office furniture from the highly touted “image markers” such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, Humanscale, Ergogenesis, and Neutral Posture, and the days of posh offices appear to be over, at least for this business cycle. The economy has forced many companies to lay people off or cut benefits; splurging on expensive, overstated furniture is a rarity. Image, however, is still important. Nobody wants to look like they’ve bought from the Super-Stores such as Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, and frankly these products just don’t hold up construction wise. Face the facts; most all of the seating from Super-Store outlets is cheap quality imports that are advertised to lure the buyers for the more profitable paper, pens, supplies, and other quickly consumable goods.

A professional image is especially important in hard economic times, because it keeps up employee morale, and makes companies appear solid and successful to their customers and other stakeholders.

As others have been preparing for a difficult year, Champion Seating Co. is launching new and exciting products. Started in 1994 Champion Seating Co. celebrates their 18-year anniversary. Champion’s Direct Business Model, allows the quality of the image market seating @ mid-market prices.

New and exciting products for 2011 included the Get Hookedmesh back ergonomic chair, which compares chairs such as the Lifeform chair as seen in Relax The Back stores. Our chairs incorporates the designs and materials that were previously seen only in image furniture and is now available at about half to one-third the price normally spent by consumers.

As customers are being more conservative; asked to do more with less, Champion’s New Era Memory Foam, which is both Anti-microbial and Anti-microbial, offer healthy sitting solutions, now and for years to come. Champion’s new Get Hooked mesh back chair with headrest, as well as the BrickYard intensive use chair features the most affordable ergonomic chairs for 911 and intensive 24/7 use, and features a refurbish and recycle program.

New seating has been engineered to self-adjust without as many knobs and levers and, without constant occupant involvement. Instead, these chairs incorporate passive ergonomics that respond to the user’s weight and automatically adopt a healthy seating posture. While we will never do away with some individual adjustments, we also are no longer seeing adjustments simply for adjustment’s sake. We are also witnessing a movement toward more user-friendly technology.

As customers ask more questions about durability and how long furniture will maintain its good looks Champion has answered with modular seating products. The adage “what does it cost” is now supplanted more with “what does it cost to own it” Customers expect good design and, above all, dependable quality which is both practical and professional. There is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water, as Champion has pioneered the selling and servicing of chair parts since day one.

Internet based ergonomic seating solutions at Unbeatable Prices. Ergonomic comfort, quality and value have propelled Champion Seating Co. to be selected by numerous Fortune 100 & 500 companies as well as the U.S. Government (GSA). Champions ergonomic chairs can be found in all 50 states, and throughout the world, including Germany, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kandahar, Peru, Moscow, and the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela.

Champion’s corporate customers read like a Who’s-Who, all across the USA, which include Halliburton, Dow, Shell. Chevron, Continental Tire, Boeing, and Lockheed.

Colleges such as Boston, University of Texas, University of Houston, UCLA, Rice, Illinois, Harvard and more, as well as numerous medical centers.

Today, Champion Seating Co. is known for providing high quality ergonomic seating solutions and is blessed with loyal customers, a testimonial in itself to the quality of their products and organization. Through hard work, vision and their firm commitment to their customers to provide a chair that works as hard as you do, Champion Seating Co. remains steadfast behind their assertion

Everyone Loves a Champion!