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best 911chair best 24/7 chair

Gentlemen ... Start Your Engines !!!

Always build your chair the way you want it, featuring a lifetime warranty, unbeatable quality, comfort and value, saving you more than half the price of a comparable chair…everyday!

“Champion Seating Co. has followed the direct-to-the–customer business model, cutting showroom and middle man costs, giving you more for your money. (Houston Business Journal-Article) – and has come out a winner!!”

Champion Seating Co. has manufactured and sold “Factory Direct” juts like Dell Computer Corp. since 1994. We pass the “No-Middleman” savings on to you. Our clientele list reads like a Who’s Who. Our complete line of ergonomic office seating solutions are used nationwide from large corporations, small and medium size businesses to home-offices.

Champion makes it easy... order online (or phone, or fax) at and your chair will be shipped via Fed Ex Ground within 2-4 weeks throughout the U.S.A. For more information:
…. Everyone Loves a Champion!
GSA Contract # GS-28F-0012L

best ergonomic chair ...or your purchase order.

 ...SHIPPED to your Office or Home....911 chair

ergonomic chair BrickYard 911
Brick-Yard "911" Ergo Chair!
Drivers Wanted for
the new "Brick-Yard" 911
Ergonomic Chair

Comparable Manufacturers Selling Price: $1350.00 to $2250.00

Your Everyday Price: $734.95
Checkerd Flag... another Winning Chair !!!
Just crossing the Finish Line is the “Brick-Yard” chair. ‘Built like a Brick’ and ready to take the daily punishment of a busy worker, this chair is designed and made to work as hard as you do!
Team Champion has done it again…another winner!

Sleek Lines offer a stylish solution for a high quality mid-range to an executive task chair. European Race Car influence in the design and an Ultra New Dynamic synchronized chair control guarantee you the best ride possible with all-day sitting comfort.

Now featuring “Dynamic Movement”; the movement of the seat and backrest are entirely synchronous to your body movement throughout the day. The backrest pressure can be individually adjusted to suit the user’s height, weight, and personal sitting preferences.

An integrated adjustable lumbar in the back can be adapted to any personal ergonomic requirement. The seat slider adjustment and fully adjustable arms (height & width) and (up/down) provide versatile working comfort.

The Brick-Yard "911" Ergonomic Chair features a new sculptured ergonomic seat, that is Champion Seating’s “NEW ERA” Memory Foam which is both, Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial, and resilient to ”feeling hard” in cold climates. The highly sculptured seat shape quickly reduces pressure points, allowing the user to sit in a correct seat to back ratio, and benefits the user in prolonged seating comfort, which relieves body stress and increases worker productivity.

Champion Seating Company has taken the Ergonomic Chair to an all-new level of comfort, style, quality and most of all “affordable value”. We have taken our modular chair concept and pioneered a recyclable environmentally friendly composite green-seat pan, which allows the user to easily replace parts as needed without continually purchasing totally new chairs.

Need to relax those tired back & neck muscles?
…add the adjustable headrest…. VAROOM !!!!

Cross the finish line …. and you’ll get a
FREE “Team Champion” hat with your chair,
when available (while supplies last). discount ergonomic 911 chair

New for 2009...unbeatable!
"Legends" Ergonomic Chair

Comparable Manufacturers Selling Price: $1350.00

Your Everyday Price: $489.95
Kicked Up ...Another Notch !!!
The "Legends" chair is another ERGONOMIC WINNER! An ergonomic chair for high-tech offices and budget conscious office managers. Its stylish curves feature our most popular Memory Foam Ergonomic Seat. &

Champion Seating Company has taken the Ergonomic Chair to an all-new level of comfort, style, quality and most of all “affordable value”. Our new ergo-friendly profile back is extremely supportative of the lower back and kidney area. The Schukra adjustable lumbar option can be added for more enhanced lumbar support.

The Legends chair features a powerful Synchro-Tilt control, which is easy to use (adjust). New, simple controls are adjustable while seated, allowing easy seat depth, height, tension and tilt lockout. The comfort is outstanding and this chair will compare to chairs sold at $1800 to $2500 in The Back Stores, yet the Legends chair is everyday priced under $500, with factory-direct savings.

Several upgrade options: such as the chrome arms and base and our new gel arm pads.

Choose any of our fantastic upholstery options.

ergonomic chair Legends Ergo-Chair
Legends Ergonomic Chair
Memory Foam Travel Cushion Ride-the-Pine Ride the Pine Visco Elastic Memory Foam Travel Cushion  
"Ride-the-Pine" memory foam cushion & airline, especially long flights
Sports, Stadium seats and more!


Your Everyday Price:$39.95 ea. (ships 1 per carton)
NEW...18" square cushion easily fits in "carry on" luggage, or goes to the stadium. The Visco Elastic Cushion adapts to the body temperature of the user, perfectly conforms to the body, providing customized comfort for sitting on hard surfaces, or enhancing regular foam seats. This technology, the same we use in our seating, effectively redistributes body weight, thereby reducing skin pressures by 50 percent, which greatly improves circulation. Ideal for airline flights, you'll arrive feeling better due to increased blood circulation, and for international flights this cushion is a must-have!

The "Ride-the-Pine" cushion helps prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which may be associated with any form of long distance travel whether by air, car, coach or train but it is often referred to as "economy class syndrome" when it occurs to airline passengers.


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