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Champion Seating manufactures and sells a complete line of ergonomic office seating solutions nationwide from large corporation, small-medium size businesses to home-offices. Champion makes it easy… order online at and your chair will be shipped via Federal Express, usually within 2-3 weeks throughout the U.S.A. For more information:

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Sitting – a problem. Three quarters of adults will spend most of their day sitting, easily ten to fourteen hours of their later years when you consider every day activities like working, driving, watching TV, movies… Even children, who usually feel like moving a lot are forced to sit down at school, dinner, with the family, homework and the computer.

Long-term sitting is a challenge. Until a person retires, they will spend an average of 80,000 hours sitting in the office. The human body is not designed for sitting but for moving, so you have specific side effects because of long term sitting. Our chairs provide ergonomic comfort and allow the user to move freely, and foster more production form an office worker.

Champion Seating Co. manufactures “Factory Direct …just like Dell” and is quickly becoming a popular choice for premium quality ergonomic seating throughout the USA. Champion is the Grand Slam Choice, combining the comfort of ergonomic features, performance, and value.

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Champion’s CRYPTON Super-Fabrics.
You may click on any swatch to view its characteristics, see a larger image, and even request a free sample. They’re available now for ordering!