Champion Seating is proud to be one of the few ergonomic office chairs still Made in America. We use United States parts and make all our chairs in our Houston Texas location. Family owned and operated since 1994.

The Price of a Superstore…
The Quality of an Industry Leader

Our success is largely due to the fact that our quality is two to three times greater than any chair offered in a superstore, and we’re hundreds of dollars less than similar quality ergonomic chairs offered by the major office furniture industry manufacturers.

We sell and service everywhere from one home chair to major corporations, all at one everyday low price, without sacrificing quality.

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“It’s your Health .. Take control”

We all know that office chairs get passed from person, to person, to person, to person during their office-life. We further know that some offices just don’t clean and maintain their furnishings for various reasons. What started in the hospital as a way to keep infections from spreading has broken out into convenient stores, fast food restaurants and supermarkets. Hand sanitizers have become a phenomenon in the last decade. We have seen the sanitizer hand dispensers everywhere, as studies show that the sanitizer reduces the spread of germs and infections.

We also get that eerie feeling that bedding, pillows, etc at hotels and motels have something lurking that we cannot see. They have similar things in common with seating such as foam and fabric. Our never ending goal to make not just a new chair; but “a better chair” has lead us producing a new line of seating that is healthy; for you, for the environment. New Era Seating features foam that is Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial. Choosing any of our agion upholsteries is like icing on the cake.