Black Star Base

Our standard base composed of a high strength Nylon Composite. This chair base is of the highest quality in the industry and extremely durable. This chair base is over constructed and molded all as one solid piece with a metal ring in the middle for the gas lift cylinder compression fit.

Chrome Star Base

This die cast polished aluminum base is very beautiful and elegant to look it. Extremely durable solid one piece construction makes this chair base our strongest. No fake chrome plastic covers here, this chair base is Solid aluminum!

Chrome Base With Integrated Foot Ring

This polished aluminum base with integrated foot ring makes it perfect for stools. Typically used with stationary glide casters.

Black Star Base-Miniature

Composed of the same high strength Nylon Composite material as our standard black star base. This chair base is a few inches small in diameter and perfect for chairs that are low to the ground so the user can maneuver and swivel their feet around easily without being obstructed by the chair base as much.