Champion Seating requests that ALL ORDERS be PLACED ON-LINE

We ask such to omit mistakes, as well as provide the necessary and required information, such as e-mail. This includes all orders that will be followed with a hard copy purchase order. We accept phone orders and require follow up written confirmation by the customer.

PHONE ORDERS: We will accept phone orders, but insist they be followed with hard copy written correspondence, such as email or fax. This written confirmation by you insures correct confirmation information as to shipping-destination as well as sold-to, and Fed Ex requires this contact information and an email address. We cannot be held responsible for any order(s) should you not comply with written confirmation as to the phone order you place. In most cases we will then enter a formal order for you in our on-line system, and you will receive a formal order confirmation.

Invoices made for a non-on-line orders or purchase orders (credit customers) will be charged up to $5.00 per invoice.

Champion Seating Co. may accept a purchase order or telephone order at its’ discretion, but the ultimate charges will be invoiced at Champion Seating’s discretion and include but not be limited to Champion Seating’s pricing guidelines in effect.

Orders accepted for manufacturing will be invoiced at Champion’s discretion and be invoiced at Champion Seating’s current policies and procedures. From time to time Champion Seating will upgrade its’ products either visible and/or internally, to enhance the quality and/or user experience. This includes making changes to upgrade the product and it may affect what is posted on-line. This is normal in the course of business, as our goal is to continually upgrade our products, and economic factors play a large part in these decisions.

Shipping other than Champion Seating Co. preferred carrier will result in additional charges, and Champion Seating may be unable to ship by the customers preferred carrier. Since Champion’s preferred carrier provides a signature proof of delivery, among other things, Champion will ship at its’ discretion, and charge the order accordingly. You (the customer) may elect to ship on your account with a particular carrier (freight charges), however the purchase will still include a billable handling charge and (reduced amount) shipping charge. Shipping by the customers preference does cause additional costs which will be bourn by the customer and are billable.


We will do our best effort to keep you informed as to the status of your order(s). It is always done with our best intention to serve you. This may be done through our website, email, and/or telephone.

In any and all cases, since we manufacture each item individually, we may communicate a “time or date” that may not be obtained or met for numerous reasons, which may include parts in route to us, holidays, weekends, weather, and other things beyond our control.

We know that you want your items and we’ll do our best to get them manufactured and to you promptly, however we deal with vendors all over the world, and delays happen beyond our control, and therefore we cannot commit to a definite date or time. All orders are subject to these circumstances, and please fully understand that shipping and/or production communications are the best information available at that communication time.

ONLY when the merchandise leaves our dock and is scanned by the carrier, available for tracking on the carrier’s website, is the shipping date accurate.

Production delays are sometimes caused due to conditions beyond our control, and the order may not ship as communicated. There are numerous circumstances including, but not limited to, new product, OEM performance, or just plain poor economic events. Our goal is to make the best and most available product each and every time we produce a finished product. New products sometime undergo minor changes which require production delays, and may delay the order. The order is still subject to all our terms and conditions as published, which are subject to change at any time.

Merchandise Returns

You may telephone 281-403-1777 (NOTE – Central Time Zone) to receive a Returned Materials Authorization before you return any merchandise, and must be arranged through our Customer Service Staff within 30 days after receipt and assigned a RMA#, or the merchandise in not returnable.

You may also e-mail or fax your request to 281-208-4623. RMA #’s will only be issued by e-mail or FAX.

Items returned or refused after shipping without an RMA Number will NOT receive a refund.

We will not be responsible for crediting your purchase costs nor your shipping costs upon return of your products without our consent.

Furthermore, any merchandised refused and/or disputed with the credit card company (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), such as using “did not receive the merchandise” is still subject to being charged for the purchase and any additional charges that Champion Seating Co. may incur due to such negligent or malicious action(s). The cardholder is committing a fraudulent and/or misrepresentation and the credit card will be further charged to offset penalties and charges as deemed to make Champion Seating Co. whole. Accordingly, the buyer will be invoiced if a credit card was not used in the order transaction. Residential delivery is subject to a left at door policy by the carrier and will be considered DELIVERED as per the carrier status of the shipment. Champion Seating can request signature for Residential Deliveries but cannot guarantee such.

An additional charge of $35.00 will be charged to the buyer should the credit card company institute a “charge-back” to Champion Seating Co. and/or the original charge deemed to be valid. Credit card companies have numerous fees and this is only to make Champion Seating whole, and to continue to accept credit cards as a simple form of payment for its’ customers. Should the customer/cardholder constitute additional claims the additional charges are defined below.

An additional administrative charge will be applied should the cardholder institute additional work including, but not limited to, email correspondence, credit card processing merchants paperwork, and any other administrative work that distracts Champion’s personnel from their daily constructive efforts. A minimum of $50.00 for such unnecessary actions will apply. A $100.00 fee will be charged to the cardholder should the cardholder attempt to commit a theft of goods.

Our chairs are custom made to each order and most all are special order item(s), and may not be returned or canceled. Please be sure of your order before you place your order.

We at Champion Seating Co. hope every product you purchase meets or exceeds your expectations, but fully understand that is not always possible and will gladly try to work with you for some kind of mutually agreeable satisfaction.

Our policy of keeping returns to the bare minimum benefits all of our customers, as we are not a big box retailer and these costs are always passed along to all customers in the broad sense. We feel that our customers shouldn’t have to pay for another’s mistake, negligence, or arrogance.

Returns of UNUSED standard merchandise will be a minimum of 25% of the cost of the merchandise for restocking, less shipping and handling charges. Higher restocking fees may apply and will be at Champion Seating Co.’s discretion. Shipping and Handling charges will not be credited.

Please review our additional policies and follow the instructions below.

  • You will be issued an RMA# (Return Materials Authorization Number) to include on the shipping label of the returning package. No RMA# labeling, if an RMA# was issued $50.00 additional handling fee, Refused with the carrier after shipping without an RMA# …$100.00 additional handling fee.
  • We recommend using a shipping method that provides insurance and tracking so you can check the status of your return. You are responsible for loss and damage.
  • Please allow 10-15 business days after it’s received to inspect your return and process your refund. Allow a minimum of 30/45 days for the return/credit process and posting for a credit card purchase/refund. You will receive an e-mail notification with a copy of your credit transaction, in most cases.
  • The purchase-refund, less any exchange/return/restocking fees, will be made within 30 days of return, and may be delayed due to any damage claim by the carrier.
  • Your RMA# expires 20 days after it is issued, so please contact us if you are not able to return within that time frame.


Refunds are based on the following guidelines:

  • New – Unopened. Unused.
  • Like-New – Box or Factory Packaging opened or missing, item in new condition. Refund amount depends on inspection results, less shipping, and other discretionary fees. Allow a minimum of 30 days.
  • We are unable to issue refunds for products returned without an assigned RMA#, refused at the destination, soiled, damaged or missing parts.
  • Shipping & Handling Charges – are not refundable, including residential fees.


You may contact our Customer Service Department at (866) 403-1770 by 4:00 p.m. CST. Customer Service staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, but due to numerous tasks, may not always be available by telephone.

Phone or e-mail messages requesting an order be changed or canceled received after business hours will be addressed the following business day.

We REQUIRE e-mail correspondence, and/or fax, opposed to telephone correspondence, for all changes and/or CANCELLATION. Reply to We cannot guarantee changes or cancellations left on the voice-mail system.

Any order canceled/refused after it’s shipped will be treated as a return and other costs including but not limited to shipping and handling costs will be deducted/charged. Items returned or refused after shipping without an RMA Number will NOT receive a refund. Any order refused upon delivery (unless previously arranged through our Customer Service Department) will be treated as a return and shipping & handling costs will be deducted/charged.

Credit Card orders must be canceled the day they were placed, before 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Merchant Transaction fees we incur for refunding Credit Card orders totaling $300 or more, canceled after business hours the day they were placed, will be deducted from the refund. Merchant Transaction fees are as follows:
o Visa / MasterCard – 3.5% of total purchase price
o American Express – 4.0% of total purchase price
o Discover – 3.5% of total purchase price
o Credit Card companies charge a transaction fee, there will be an additional transaction fee of $10.00
o Canceled orders will incur a minimum of $25.00 in cancellation fees.

Cancellation Additional:

A minimum 25% “restocking fee” will be assessed to any order cancelled after 24 hours, since our items are custom made to each order and we do not shelf stock inventory. On-hand inventory is parts, components, etc, and the necessary items to fill each order begin order manufacturing within 24 hours of order placement or sooner.

A minimum of 25% “restocking fee” will be assessed to any order where the credit card transaction is declined, thus resulting in a cancelled order. The customer will be invoiced, should the credit card company decline the charge.

Credit Extended – Warranty & Free Trial:

We extend credit terms from time to time and expect the invoices to be paid promptly, in full as stated on the invoice, normally due 15 days, and if agreed 30 days due maximum. Payment is due at our facility within 15 days of shipment date.

  • Warranty – Payments for merchandise that are late effect and jeopardize the warranty status of current and prior shipments, and may include a warranty reinstatement penalty at Champion Seating’s discretion.
  • Late Fees – The invoice if not paid within terms will accrue a late fee of $29.95 per-month in addition to an interest of 1.5% per month, and/or an interest rate whichever is higher as permitted by applicable law.
  • Unpaid Invoices – The chair and/or product is not covered under our warranty, until all invoices are paid in full and within terms. This includes future purchases, and ongoing purchases. This includes late fees, and/or interest fees.
  • Short Paid Invoices – The chair and/or product is not covered under our warranty, until all invoices are paid in full and within terms.
  • Free Trial – The Free Trial program is subject to either payment by Credit Card processed under our normal terms, and/or payment of our Invoice by check or bank draft, within 10 days of shipping. The Free Trial is void if the user does not provide prompt payment of the merchandise within 15 days (received).
  • Free Trial-RMA – RMA to return the Free Trial chair cannot be issued until the credit terms are met. Additionally the Free Trial program is one chair per customer.
  • Our goal is to provide the best ergonomic chair(s) in the industry, at unbeatable prices. Abusing our credit terms causes us hardship and results in excessive costs that our good customers resultantly pay for.


Chair part(s) which are on our web site in the customization section “Step 2” is an up-grade option for a chair, which we offer as we allow the user to customize their chair, making ergonomic enhancements to fit their particular need and/or comfort level.

We don’t typically sell parts only, but we do make exceptions from time to time. Sometimes we need to know what your need is so that we may establish this part will work for you, or that we might suggest some other part.

Most times we are willing to help you with your “part(s) only” purchase. Please realize that we are in the business of manufacturing complete chairs, and selling part(s) only distracts from our business plan; however we are glad to serve you if at all possible, knowing that you will result in a future customer.

The up-grade price shown is truly a reduced upgrade price and not that of the item being sold separately, so the price may be a little higher since it would not be an upgrade to a full chair. There will also be a small shipping and handling charge involved, which will be added to the order you place, although the on-line system will not show such a fee.

Sometimes we will automatically fill your order and allow no more than a $21.75 S&H;, keeping the upgrade price the same as published on our web site.


Changes to an order received, and/or corrections, are sometimes necessary to fill/produce such order(s). We will correspond with the customer to the best of our ability, and should we not receive clear instructions, we will fill/produce the order the best way possible, deleting and/or adding and thus charging or crediting for items at our discretion to produce the order in a timely manner. We want the product to be the best and most suitable, but sometimes we don’t get our order-questions answered and must produce the order at our discretion as not to delay such order and all other orders in production.

Shipping charges are as per our site, except that special charges may apply. Special charges are, including but not limited to, outside the continental 48 states, being a residential delivery, being a remote delivery, being a rush delivery.

Credit card information remains “on file” to be charged for additional items requested at a future date, such as new orders, parts, or shipping and handling charges, and any other charges as described above. The cardholder authorizes such charges upon making a purchase from Champion Seating Co..

Please review these Site Terms of Use which govern your use of, and purchase of products from Champion Seating Co. Inc /our Site. By accessing, browsing, or using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this Site.

The above policies are subject to change without notification.

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